Areas of Concentration

For more than forty years, Twardowski Law has represented clients in multiple disciplines of law and management. These include the following Areas.

Real Estate Transactions and Financing

Gene has represented clients in all aspects of real estate acquisition, ownership, lending and borrowing. He has represented landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers. His experience ranges from a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio to single family home buyers.

Land Use, Development and Planning

Gene has served as solicitor for Municipalities as well as Planning Commissions and Zoning Hearing Boards. His experience has proven very valuable in representing developers in obtaining Zoning, Subdivision and Land Development approval.

Business and Commercial Law

Gene has represented clients in formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. He has represented clients in both the purchase and sale of interests in such business entities, including the sale of a $56 million partnership interest in Houston, Texas.

Real Estate Tax Appeals

After purchasing a new home at a reasonable price, many new homeowners suffer from “sticker shock” when they receive their real estate tax statement. Gene has successfully represented clients in obtaining a reduction of the tax assessment on their recently acquired property.

Wills and Estates

Gene has drafted wills and represented and settled numerous estates, having assets in excess of $1 million. He has also represented beneficiaries in protecting their best interests in settling estates.

Employment Law

While serving as General Counsel in corporate settings, Gene was responsible for supervision of Human Resources Departments. He is familiar with all aspects of the impact of Employment law on Employee relationships.

Personal Injury

A personal injury can have a devastating effect on your health, ability to make a living and your future. When you suffer a personal injury, finding the right attorney is critical. Gene has access to a team of very experienced attorneys who  will protect your rights and ability to recover all to which you are entitled. He will work very closely with this team to protect your best interests. In addition, Gene has worked for insurance companies for over twenty years and he is very familiar with how they operate. Never sign anything without first consulting an attorney.

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